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Nishe (1989) is a traditional artist and graphic designer, founder of the "Futuristic Paintings" style & concept. She has a master degree in Fine Arts from ESAA, a double bachelor degree in traditional Sign Painting & Graphic Design. She works and lives in Avignon, France.


  • Paintings concept :


Using a combination of sculpted organic textures and geometric letterings, her work revolves around the meaning of human life in our current digital era.

In a duality between abstract and planned elements, her paintings are confronting visually the impact of new technologies using virtual & digital symbols to traditional mediums (painting).

Her hand-painted artworks are an experiment about keeping and losing control, as a metaphorical representation of an indomitable side of organic elements in opposition to the human need of mastering life.

Chaos in control, control in chaos. Technological nature. Post-Digital.



Contact : [email protected]