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Pack of 25 DIGITAL textures (.jpg)



This exclusive pack contains a huge collection of 25 unique textures.
(More pictures are available BELOW.)

Each of them is ready to use in any of your PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL visual projects : graphic design, PHONE wallpapers, clothing design, posters, music covers ... The possibilities are endless !

What's inside this pack :
5 Purple | 5 Magenta Red | 5 Blue | 5 Orange | 5 Green for a total of 25 textures.
147 Mo | 4000 px each | .jpg

What's those :
Those textures were crafted on Polaroïd instant films, with chemicals, ink, heat/cold and pressure, until it made the emulsion contained inside evolve.
They were then scanned in the highest resolution possible to keep and highlight all the details on each of them.

What you get :
Ordering this product will give you an UNLIMITED PRIVATE ACCESS LINK to download all the textures.
/!\ The access link will be sent to you on the email you will use during the checkout. /!\